Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Read while Waiting Project: 23 August

Emily wrote about this project by a while back. And my sister also pick up on it but I did not say anything because I haven’t been reading much.

The topic of reading came up, so I thought I give it a mention. The project aims at getting 1000 people to freeze and read together at specific time and places on 23rd of August. Why? Because the organizer got nothing better to do… LOL!! Just kidding… ^_* It aims at promoting reading among Malaysian. Ops, it actually aims at promoting reading while waiting for everyone all over the world. My friend Ita just wrote about it at her website, too.

You can read more about it here at and join them on Facebook.

Happy reading!


3lilangels said...

You also joining the fray? Thought all you read nowadays are from the internet. Emm... actually that's reading too! So would you qualify if you bring your laptop?? *_^

How come you haven't blogged about your new crochet box?

ZainHD said...

It actually aims to get people to start reading whenever they wait. And it's for anyone anywhere around the world. Not exclusive to those live in Malaysia or Malaysians. :)

There's been positive response from people outside who say they want to do it too on Aug 23rd. :)

Zain HD