Friday, August 29, 2008

Aug 29th Bento # 17

Has been a busy week... Got poison into playing the Digi word game.

My friend Leng came to visit on Monday and we had lunch at Kinsahi. I asked how long has it been since she last saw me? 3 months? Well, do I look like I lost some weight? Bad news was, she replied.. "Yeah, but I expected more since you are so busy with gym." Sigh!!

Anyway, wasn't planning in doing any bento-ing today but this is what's left from the impromtu put together this morning...

This was what we made for lunch - Tuna mixed with red, green, yellow peppers and light mayo, boiled egg and pineapples toasted on a piece of wholemeal bread. Toasted another piece of bread to cover it.


Friday, August 22, 2008

I am in love...

Michael Powell - House of Provence

The more I look at it, the more I am in love with it..... LOL!!!

You think I should be motivated to do more of MP's designs?

Aug 22nd Bento # 16

This morning I scrambled eggs with onions and red-green-yellow peppers. Actually, was supposed to be an omelette.... Shhhhh!! ^_* Some meat floss and japanese pickled radish on a lettuce leaf. The bottom box is brown rice sprinkled with sakura denbu and furikake. Plus a couple pieces of potatoes.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aug 21st Bento # 15

My first bento this week... Fiona is being lazy, too. No bento from her. Actually, I shouldn't blame bento for me being unsociable. I did not bring bento the last 3 days and I only had lunch with my colleagues on Mon. I was invited to lunch by my cousin on Tue and I had buns for lunch on Wed... (That is, if you much know... LOL!!!)

So, today's lunch is brown rice, edaname and tomatoes in the upper box and on the bottom box is 'ngo hiang', some more edaname and red, green, yellow peppers. 'Instant' miso soup in the Chicken Soup cup. ^_*

Quaker Theme Mail Art

Finally, the long awaited Mail Art that I was supposed to mail out last month! Thanks for your patience, Lene.

Fabric: 18ct DMC Aida white
Fiber: Dip and Twist from Neddleodyssey

It wasn't difficult to make, just can't make up my mind what to stitch and then after that do not have a matching backing fabric until I found it at Tini's.... ^_* All the delay, because I was lazy tired to pick up my stitching after gym. Finally finished it when I did not go to the gym for a few days.....

I think I like the triangle stamp best.... LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mail Art Seaside and Summer Theme Exchange...

Received these last week from Lillie and Pamela for the exchange at NCC. Sorry to say that I have yet to mail out mine to them. I am so way behind. I found out that there is a trade off, if I go to the gym, I'll be too tired after that to do any cross-stitch. When I do cross-stitch, I'll be going to bed really late and wake up late in the morning and hence no bento. Does that mean that cross-stitch is not good for my health? ^_*

This Seaside theme MA is from Lillie. I was thinking of stitching lighthouse too for her MA... LOL!! But good thing I changed my mind and stitched something else.

There is a cute little rubber seahorse at the back and the backstitches were something she made up. Wonderful, isn't it?

Summer Theme MA from Pamela. Stitched on linen band? Very nice. I don't think we can get this type of fabric here. Pam also send some postcard of the lovely view from her home, a pinkeep and a blackbird designs chart.

Lovely closing with 2 cute little ladybugs...

Lille and Pamela, thanks for your wonderful MA's. Your's will be on the way really soon. Sorry again for the delay.

Friday, August 15, 2008

From Penang to KL...

Yup, my framed pieces, all 10 of them have arrived in KL thanks to my SIL's sister... and already on the way to Pontian!

I can't wait to see them so asked my sister to take pics yesterday. Here are some of them. Don't know why some did not get thru the email All the pics are here now....

Glad Shamrocks by Pamela Kellogg. My mum said very 'Cina' but I think I know someone who will love this....

"Only Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes" by Lizzie Kate. I love this however my older sis insisted that she is not dull and wants a immaculate home, too! Easy for her to say since she has a maid to do the house work, LOL!!! My younger sis said she likes this and wondered why she did not keep it in KL but send it back with my dad. Must be shy!

This is another L*K design. I like the wordings but forgot to attach some buttons. My sis said this piece is too pink!

Precious Moments: Relaxing in your favorite way makes any day a holiday..... Cute huh? Its one of the 3 PM pieces for my 3 nieces.....

edit: More pics came in after my earlier post....

Little Blessing help us see just how lovely life can be.

Homes and Hearts are warmed by love

Now comes my favorite designer, Michael Powell.

Mini Spanish Cottages

Venice Street


My personal favorite:

House of Provence

You think if I put them up for sale, there will be buyers? ^_*

Bento Lunch = Unsociable?

Yesterday I did not pack any lunch, so I called Ah Ching if she wants to do lunch with me. After an exciting badminton match between Lee Chong Wei and Sony of Indonesia which ends exactly around 12.30 for us all to go for lunch, I went out and the normal lunch gang were waiting for me. Ah Ching told them that I am going to "Zhu Gong"(mandarin for leaving the palace) and the humble subjects were waiting for me..... HAHAHAHA!!!

Later while on YM with Emily:

Biblo (8/14/2008 3:56:26 PM): my colleague missed me so much that she coined my appearence for lunch today as 'Zhu Gong"

Biblo (8/14/2008 3:56:38 PM): u know what that means?

Emily Chiam (8/14/2008 3:56:46 PM): no no woh

Biblo (8/14/2008 3:56:49 PM): ie... leaves court...

Emily Chiam (8/14/2008 3:56:59 PM): u mean fong kam

'Fong kam' is cantonese for getting out of prison...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leftovers cannot waste!

4pm... not really hungry but I do have a size to maintain. Someone once told me that during a woman's time of the month, you can very safely eat whatever you want without worrying about the weight being added on. With leftover tuna mixed with light mayo, and the capsicum from earlier and some cheese plus onions toasted for about 4 mins... Voila! you get the above.

Will have to go burnt some calories now...

Aug 13th Bento # 14

Almost forgot to take a pic... on the left box; onions, red, green and yellow capsicum. On the right; ham and egg. Forgot the can pineapple, sigh... not in the pic is Gardenia wholemeal bread and cheese. What are we(Fiona and I) up to? Inspired by this pic from a cookbook.....

Looks yummy right? Its call 'Vegetarian Pizza' as translated from the book. Here's what we did...

Before going into the oven... as I forgot the pineapple, I substitute with rambutan but Fiona decline for her piece. She is not as adventures as I am... LOL!!!

Final product before going on its journey into the stomach.... Yum! Yum!!

Aug 12th Bento # 13

But who is counting right? I wonder if those 3 people got tired of the same futomaki picture already...

I made one roll yesterday and cut into 9 pieces. I had it throughout the day, ie breakfast, morning break, lunch and tea break..... LOL!!! The first box on the left had tamagoyaki and 3 pieces of the futomaki and then was replace by the celery and tempeh curtesy from Fiona... I did not tell her that I'll be making futomaki as I wasn't sure if I'll wake up to make them. She brought her own bento of veg mostly and took 1 piece of the futomaki only.

Did not go to the gym because I forgot my shoes...... ^_*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bento # 12

I am bored with my own bento-ing. I did not plan anything yesterday. I did buy a loaf of Gardenia wholegrain fibremeal over the weekend so worst come to the worst it will be sandwiches for lunch. Anyway, yesterday morning just packed the leftovers carrot, cucumber and tuna from last week and some cherry tomatoes. Mixed the tuna with some light mayo, nothing interesting.

The other two boxes were Fiona's : Tempeh and cherry tomatoes in the white box and stir-fried brocolli and carrots. She definately put in more effort than me! ^_* Plus she also made breakfast:

Also using gardenia wholemeal bread with a slice of ham and fish floss which she had already mixed with sesame seeds and nori. Since I wanted to take oats for breakfast, I kept the bread for lunch... smart huh?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bento # 11

Yup, I made futomaki again but this time with the help of the mould. Almost did not have enough rice to cover everything which is carrot, cucumber, tamagoyaki, pickled radish, fish floss and tuna in a little mayo. I forgot about the edaname. Age is catching up or was it an early sign of dementia.... Luckily, I remembered to tell Fiona yesterday not to pack bento as I'll be making futomaki today. The blue box is for her. I have 3 pieces only in my box because one went into my mouth already.

I wanted to come early today to sign in the computer terminal at 8:08:08. (My colleague's idea) Suppose to be an auspicious time hopefully will bring more business? Another colleague who usually comes late however thinks it is as auspicious to open her eyes at 8:08:08 at home....... Who is right? We will see.. Anyway, I was late and only signed in at 8:38. Hey, got 8 also what. LOL!!!!

Forgot to add (before my colleague corrects me), Clark Hatch is having their Grand Opening today. I went for my second lunch there. I ate fried mee hoon and a few pieces of kuih. They cater from Sedap Corner which is very famous for their kuih-kuihs.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bento # 10

Last night, SIL made bread with raisins, walnut and cinnamon. She mixed the flour with some wholemeal flour. So today's lunch is homemade bread with meat floss and kei chi.... Must have some veggie, right? Stole some from Fiona's bento... LOL!!! Very satisfying lunch!

I used the same line my sis used on me, "Too much rice" on Fiona and she has not pack rice for 2 days. On the left she has tempeh, long beans, baby carrot and tomato. On the right just japanese cucumber.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Joining the bandwagon of bento-ing....

My colleague, Fiona, has also started bento-ing after looking at so many interesting bento blogs. Since she doesn't blog... will post some of her pics here...

Yesterday's bento: White rice (I added the edaname and kei ci for effect), sweet & sour fish and veg.
Today's fried rice and cabbage.

Both of us yet to use the new bento sets that Emily got us. ^_*

Bento # 8 & 9

My sister brought me shopping at the 100Y shop in SS2 last Sunday... bought a couple of Maki mould and these were what I make the last 2 days. I used to make using the bamboo mat but it is easier with the mould. Less messy, too.

Yesterday : The yellow one is the japanese pickeled radish and the other is meat floss. The pink stuff is japanese fish floss or known as sakura denbu and edaname for the greens....

The rambutans were from a colleague's garden. Gave to me just when I was taking a pic... I also had an overload of other fruits like mangoesteen and duku.

Today's maki look a bit better. I made tamagoyaki again.

I am eating while posting..... ^_*

Going Green?

Have you thought about doing your part in saving the environment and use less plastic bags? I am trying to use reusable shopping bag ....

I bought these Jusco reusable shopping bags but they are not actually for me to go shopping with. More for storage.......


Monday, August 04, 2008

Stitching Bee & Laptop Sleeve

Over the weekend its the Stitching Bee at NNC again and I time it together to learn how to make the laptop sleeve from Tini.


My very own laptop sleeve. I can't say I make it myself but I do have my hands in it. Tini (and I :P) finished it in about 4 hours... ^_*

My notebook fit in just perfectly. If anyone wants a made-to-measure laptop sleeve, do check it out at Tini's Snazzy & Such.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Bento # 7

Nothing special but delicious leftovers from dinner. Nasi kunyit, fish and veg....