Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bento # 8 & 9

My sister brought me shopping at the 100Y shop in SS2 last Sunday... bought a couple of Maki mould and these were what I make the last 2 days. I used to make using the bamboo mat but it is easier with the mould. Less messy, too.

Yesterday : The yellow one is the japanese pickeled radish and the other is meat floss. The pink stuff is japanese fish floss or known as sakura denbu and edaname for the greens....

The rambutans were from a colleague's garden. Gave to me just when I was taking a pic... I also had an overload of other fruits like mangoesteen and duku.

Today's maki look a bit better. I made tamagoyaki again.

I am eating while posting..... ^_*


Emily said...

Yumms!! Mmph must have a look at those moulds!

3lilangels said...

Hey, the results look pretty good. Now regret not getting the futomaki mould too. 100 yen shop, here I come again.

Rachel said...

hi..came here on reading 3lilangels recommendation.

Its very neat indeed! So good that you have this 100Y shop over there! Must pop over to M'sia one day to shop..where is it by the way? Any near JB? ;P

biblo said...

Hi Rachel... nope its in KL. But Daiso in Singapore got more things.

Thanks for dropping by.