Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swirling Bag

While farming, I made this..... all because Emily says it is nice! So, I made this with her in mind.

I wasn't very sure reading the instructions but just crocheted and sewed the sides together anyhow. Managed to finish the first one 3 weeks ago with some calculation error ending with one hole less for the drawstring. Luckily, I did not ask for Emily's address before I finish it. I thought I quickly make and send it off before I lose interest...

I used Nona 88, 95, 63 and 89 for anyone who is interested to know. Anyway, I thought the colours were too bright and went to get something more pastel. I used the same purple and green, with a lighter blue and orange. Problem was the orange was Minlon and not Nona. Thinking the Minlon was a little thinner, I used two strands of different colours for the orange part. Anyway, ended up with different tension and got this....

All the while I was using the first one I made for my computer's adapter and carrying it with my notebook. Of course, I got a lot of oohss and ahss which spurs me to buy more yarns. (Its 10 sen cheaper each roll in a pack of five one colour.)

I made a couple more but still no sign of Emily's .... LOL!!! Meaning it was given away to someone else.

After the 3rd one, I should know what I was doing but obviously I was still unsure of the instructions....

They all look almost the same, you won't know if I say this is the one I made for Emily. ^_* I wanted to surprise Emily but she already guessed when I said am sending her something. So, I better blog it up before laziness sets in again. I still have enough yarns for 3 more!

Most important is that I am happy making them, right?

The free pattern can be downloaded here - knittingdaily

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovely Blog Award?

*Paiseh* You can see me turning red from embarrassment .... but thank you Javapot! The rules are simple but not to me because I haven't been blogging or visiting blogs to find 15 new-to-me blogs to pass this award to. So, how?

Anyway, Javapot wants to know what Biblo means. I don't know what it means but I can tell you how it came about..... ^_*

Around that time a few years ago when I was registering in some forums due to the Korean drama addiction, I was reading this book :

Well, the hobbit's name was actually Bilbo... and that was what I used to register as my user id. But when I tried to log in again, I keep getting wrong password message. It was later that I found out that my user id was actually Biblo and so it stayed.... ^_*