Saturday, December 31, 2005

31st Dec 2005

Ah... today is the last of of 2005! Am supposed to come up with a report card of what I have stitched this year but just can't seem to do it. What have I been doing? Started a couple of new projects and stitching on RR's.

Am also having a BBQ tomorrow night with colleagues. Got shopping to do. If you are in the neighbourhood, you can drop by. Just email me for my address. ^_*

Anyway, just wanna wish everyone a Happy New Year 2006. May the new year brings lots of good cheer and health to all.

Got to go now, see you next year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Flipping for Joy!

Gwen thought the Santa was flipping for joy! I thought so too... LOL! eventhough some collegues of mine thought I stitched it upside down.

How do you like the stamp? Its the Malaysian flag and I love it. Was just waiting for the right MA to use it. No, RM1 is not enough postage, the rest of the stamps were stuck behind the envelope. It looked kind of out of place if I squeeze all the stamps there. Luckily, the postal clerk allow me to stick the registered mail sticker behind the envelope with the other stamps.

I am still waiting for Gwen to post a pic. I wanna see it with the post mark and how it endured its journey...

The back of the envelope as you can see is a bit lop sided. Sigh! Wonder when I'll get it right.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Summer's End

Summer ended quite a few months already... or was this last year's project. Come to think of it, it was last year. And nothing has being done with it yet. I wonder what am I waiting for. Right, am suppose to wash it first before sending it for framing?

Hah, am planning a trip to Penang. Should I send it to Tammy for framing!!? That's a thought. I have been to a framer in Pontian, their framing is nothing like the finished pieces I have seen done by her. Or I presume they were done by Tammy.

This piece was stitched on 14ct yellow aida. Designed by Pam Kellogg. It was a mystery stitching, the chart comes out in 4 weeks installments. I purchase the chart without knowing what it was going to be like. But it was fun not knowing and wasn't disappointed with the result.

Assisi Designs

More unfinished stitching... I had big plans as usual... yes, more MAs! These are for non- internet friends so it'll still be a surprise when they receive them. That is if I have decided how to finish them. Maybe I worry too much about colour coordination for the backing piece and what to stitch for the back of the envelope.

Am having problems trying to load all the pictures here... there must be an easier way of doing this which I have yet to find out. Haven't had the time to go experimenting changing the skin of this blog, too. But there is a reason for choosing dots........ Its a long story, Leng might remember. She still don't know about this blog of mine.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mail Art - Bambi

This is a "commissioned" piece.. a friend requested for her daughter's birthday. Actually this is the 2nd one, I did not take a pic for the 1st one I did for her other daughter. I feel this one is cuter, though.

See the back, I wonder why I can't get it straight. Sigh! I remembered I machine it in a straight line.

Blushing Pig

Another one that I have been sitting on. This is supposed to be a MA I stitched for Ink in mind. I have already stitched her address but just don't know what to stitch for the back. I think she has already given up hope of receiving it...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Stoney Creek - Nature's Farm Afghan

Was supposed to list out my WIP's or rather UFO's...

This one has been for how long? I dare not think... Aida's little one already how many months? We started talking about this even before she got married!??

I am still at the 3rd square...

I remember I was really excited to start on this one, checking on line to buy the magazine's back issues and the afghan. It wasn't easy stitching on this afghan, I wonder if I'll have the same problem going back to it now.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

EMS group RR 151205

Today is the 1st posting date for this EMS group RR I joined recently. Lene was really persuasive and I was easily sold. LOL!!

This is my piece. Theme is "Funny Cats". Design by Margaret Sherry. Named "Chrismas all wrapped up!" I think its really apt to start my RR with this one as it is Dec...

I did not stitch the wordings on it though. Will be finishing this RR when it returns next year into a cushion.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wedding Sampler

I was working on this piece for a while now for my cousin's wedding. Somehow no motivation to finish it when the wedding was move from Dec '05 to June next year.

At first, I planned to have it framed. Then I thought it would be nice to make into a ring bearer if I attach a ribbon in the middle and make it into a cushion.

Problem is I have never sew a cushion before... probably that's why I still have not finish this. But I have already told my Aunty about this. Maybe if I show it to them, they'll think it is unsuitable for a ring bearer and I don't have to worry about finishing it into a cushion.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is it!

Well, after much thoughts (as if I think a lot....) LOL!!

Anyway, my reason for setting up this blog is to help me get some motivation to finish my WIPs.. xstitch that is. It will be like a written resolution!!?

Distractions for today.. a friend asked to go on a short trip together. Decided on Penang rather than Bangkok. I have been to Bangkok, frankly speaking I am not really the tourist type. Guess I have a very lazy nature. I remember the last time there on tour with some friends, there were a lot of bus rides. I have motion sickness, so I'll close my eyes in the bus and of course I'll sleep. By the time reach some place, I am more tired. So much so, I'll decide to stay on the bus and told my friends to go ahead and visit the temple. On the last day, I even decided to stay in the hotel!!! That's my story.

Another distraction today... a korean actor Jang Dong Gun is coming to Singapore tomorrow to promote his new movie The Promise. So am deciding to go or not to go to the airport to have a look! This, of course is because my friend MT said is she going or she'll regret it for the rest of her life....LOL!

Am currently stitching on a RR, my theme is Funny cats or rather cute cats... due to be posted out on the 15th. Hope to get it finish by tonight. I did not manage to stitch yesterday as I went to bed very early at around 7pm because I was having a slight headache from the flu.... was suppose to be just for a nap but I ignored the alarm I set and woke up only at 10.30pm ....

And I missed the Survivor's finale. Don't know if its on purpose, as I already know Danni won. Maybe I didn't want her to win.

So, I will try to list my WIP's or rather UFO's and get some pictures posted.. another thing have to figure out how to post pictures..