Thursday, July 31, 2008

What are you looking at?

If you must know... its my breakfast and lunch today!! LOL!!! Raw carrot, cucumber and onions plus a can of tuna(not in pic). I had the corn bread with egg mayo stuffing for breakfast. Actually, the chilli nori with the overflowed egg mayo tasted better than the bread. ^_*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Copy Cat

Me from Emily....

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bento # 6

Ops! Sorry about the previous post. That was not included in the bento counting. Nik was asking what is Bento and I thought I show her a Malaysian one... LOL!! What was I thinking.. plastic bag and styloform box!!! Next time will bring this along when 'tau pau-ing'..... Then can be considered a real Bento? ^_*

Better still if I have leftovers and no need takeaway.... I save half of last night dinner for lunch today(Good thing too, else would have over eaten). Cut down the brown rice to half(happy now, my dear sis?) and the rest were lady's fingers, some chicken from the 'chicken in wine', baked beans and fish...

Malaysian 'Bento'

I wonder what comes to your mind when you read that? LOL!!

Went to 'ta pau' (takeaway) from the food court. I seldom go to the food court here because I find them expensive. For this after 10% discount, its RM5.70! Vegetarian food - stir fried long beans, baked pumpkin, tofu in sweet sauce and the imitation meat...

Next time I'll remember to remove the plastic bag before I take a pic. Better still if I say, no need plastic bag.

I started to eat when I decided to pour it into my metal bowl. I swear it taste much better!!

Does it looks like the Korean bibimbap? ^_*

Master a Language that Connects the World.

I like the sound of it. What Language? Information Technology (IT), that’s the language that connects the world from wherever you are. In order not to be left behind by the new technology, I did do a diploma course on Computer Studies many years ago when I was working in Singapore’s hotel industry. I wonder what I would be doing now had I continued to pursue with a degree in Computer Studies.

I have been spending a lot of time on the computer but there are still so many things I do not know about these new IT stuffs. This opportunity from Cisco was in my mail box and the first thing that strikes me when I click on the link was the sentence I used for the title of this post. I would like to learn more about this language that connects the world. Perhaps it is time for another upgrade.

Cisco offers comprehensive IT training online and you can also join other IT professionals in this social learning network to enhance and advance your IT career. You can browse the technical content and connect and share insights, opinions, and knowledge with the community.

With Cisco certification you will get professional recognition, higher salaries and competitive advantage. Am I thinking of a career change? If I want to, I will have to start with the Entry and Associate Level Certification… followed by Professional and then Expert Level Certification. (I must be too free now to think of this, LOL!!!)

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Monday, July 28, 2008


I am already feeling the pressure here trying to update as much as possible in order not to disappoint my friends whom I insist must visit my blog(to increase my blog traffic).

Then comes Emily with this award for me which kept me speechless for a while... Me? Creative? I was just saying at NNC that I don't have any creative juice.... LOL!!! Thanks Emily and I am giving you this award, too. Not to mention your crafts... your idea for the Bento packing (buy food from stalls and repack to the boxes) - Brilliant!!!

Now Charlene just gave me this award:

Thanks Charlene. I am really honored and I am giving you this award, too. Thanks for visiting and sharing our passion for cross-stitch. On top of that, I am also giving you the Kreativ award above. I can only WOW!! at all those samplers that you did.

Emily, this Brillante Weblog award goes to you too... I already think you are brilliant! ^_*

My sister with her 3 'lil Angels also gets both these awards. Encouragement for you to carry on with your blogging. Love all the bento's you are churning out for the 'let, 'lets... lol!!!

Tini, you are one talented young lady. I am giving you both these awards...

Nik, my hats off to you. Doing all that you do while holding a demanding job. I think you deserve these awards twice over....

Here are the rules for these awards:

1. The winner can display these awards on their blog
2. Display a link to the person you have got the award from.
3. Nominate at
least 5 and 7 other blogs, you like respectively
4. Set the links to the blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a comment on the blogs you have chosen.

Hm.... Can I give out more awards than stipulated? LOL!!!!! I want to give to everyone I know. Seriously, the people I know aren't that many.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

NCC Mail Art Exchange July 2008

Look what I received from Margaret for this exchange. A lovely MA with a bird that sew with its beaks.... LOL!! The goodies are a piece of hand dyed evenweave - colour name: purple butterfly from, a six strand sweets, a mini cross stitch kit, another stand of overdyes floss and lots and lots of buttons..... Thank you very much, Margaret.

Shhhh... I have yet to send out my MA to Charlene. I am the organizer and I am late!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Futomaki...

Left a little bit of rice, so I thought I cooked them all and these I made.... ^_*

I did not plan properly, so overmade(then some people can get to eat) and time consuming basically deciding what to do and look for things. While the rice was steaming, I made the tamagoyaki and cut the veg for my salad. Perhaps, I should have done this last night? I used just a few sticks of carrot and cucumber from the lot that I cut. And used up 1 can of tuna for these, actually I try to use it all so I do not have to store them....

Also made my usual salad... here trying to place the futomaki nicely for a presentable pic but the nicer ones(my excuse) were already in people's(mine included) stomach... ^_*

Now, I need to go walk off some of these rice........ and continue eating later.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bento # 5

I am using the word Bento loosely here... Its not exactly lunch-in-a-box is it? ^_* Got up late, so just grab the cherries tomatos and lettuce from the fridge, 3 (small) oranges, a green apple and a can of salmon spread... Bought the wheat bun from Lavender(actually got my colleague to get for me while I cut the fruits).

I ate the one on the left first (had to wait for the wheat bun to arrive). I was quite satisfied but thought I might be hungry later so when the wheat bun arrived I spread the salmon spread, took a pic and ate it. That's when I feel like having another one.... of the wheat bun with salmon spread and lettuce!!!! (Licking my lips as I type ^_*)

In case you are wondering, Emily... I'd Nasi Lemak for breakfast.... LOL!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

House of Provence finally completed!

Got it finished by not going online the passed few nights!!! Wait till I get them framed...

Bento # 4

Yesterday's breakfast and lunch can consider Bento # 3, right?

Got up at 7 am today... Put my laundry into the machine (yes, I did my laundry!). Put 2 eggs to boil thinking its salad again today. Opened the fridge and spied leftover brown rice. I mircowaved the rice and made myself a cup of coffee, two slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter for breakfast.

Then my SIL came into the kitchen and said there were leftovers tempeh she cooked yesterday. So, that's lunch with cherry tomatoes and pickled cucumber(also made by SIL). ^_* Yummy... Kept looking at the time just now for 12 noon to eat my lunch... LOL!!!!

And Dinner...

Wednesday night used to be badminton night and usually will go for a bite to eat (dinner) with the other players (colleagues) after that. In case I forget to tell my SIL that I don't go home for dinner, I told her not to cook for me all Wed nights....

Last night I was at the gym, on the treadmill when my stomach was making noises. Was thinking of what to eat when I remembered Sushi King "MY111 buy 1 free 1" offer...

Went to take away and finally got a chance to use the wooden stand I got a while ago... ^_* What wodden stand? See below...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Breakfast and Lunch Today...

I thought I'll get up at 7 am today to pack lunch for today... Finally had to force myself to get up at 7.20 am but hey, I got up didn't I? LOL!!!

Breakfast: Gardenia whole meal bread, egg mayo, 2 leaves of lettuce and a little onion... (so I did not take a pic of the inside) with a cup of black coffee.

First time use this other bento box that my sis got for me - the yellow and blue one. The other is a free gift from HL milk ^_* . My usual salad ingredients : onions, green, yellow and red capsicum , cherry tomato and lettuce(in a separate bag). In the yellow box is another egg mayo sandwich.

Will be tossing the salad later to look like this:

Also have an orange and a small apple to go with it...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Honestly? Penang is the only place for good framing?

Emily posted this question to me..... Seriously, I don't know. That's why it has taken me years to finally send my pieces there for framing. So far I like what I see.

But this wedding sampler was framed in JB for my cousin's wedding in 2006... what do you think? What would Mr Lim have done with this piece?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The One that started the Penang Thingy...

Precious Moment designs. My first love with cross!!! I did a lot of them in the 1990's. This piece was done mid 1990's, I don't even remember which year. It was stitched on Aida 11 ct and the fabric already started to yellow...I did not leave much space for the framing. At that time, I didn't know that have to leave at least 2 to 3 inches fabric space...

Anyway, Ah Ping(a colleague's sister) chose this piece as a housewarming gift. That's when I called Mr Lim if he can frame something with very little space allowance. He said he will have a look first... since I have to courier this piece, I added a few other pieces. How many pieces exactly? You'll find out eventually when I get them back.

I must learn how to take better pictures...

Mommy bloggers, monetize your blog!

My sister, with her 3 little angels(try calling her during bedtime... the babylet sure is not till she is asleep... LOL!!!) just started blogging last month and she has been busy with her blog. I have been telling her about SocialSpark, remember the website that brings together blogger and advertiser that I talk about? That is a great place to start monetizing your blog.

My sis, the mommy, quit her job to raise her kids. I applauded her decision and I think she is doing very well for her kids. I am not saying that all mothers must quit their jobs and raise their children. It is a choice one makes and most importantly is that you are happy doing what you are doing. Right? With inflation on the rise, everything is more expensive, I am sure it is not an easy decision to make. I know of quite a number of ladies who did that and I salute them for it.

My sis has also been spending money online buying stuffs for her bento craze. Perhaps she should start making some money to fund her online shopping… LOL!!! For all the mommy bloggers out there, if you are looking to make some extra money it is very easy. Just sign up at SocialSpark, it is easy and if you are not sure of anything, there is a whole community there where you can make friends and ask.

Also SocialSpark loves mommy bloggers! Not only do you create great content, you also send them cookies and keep their bellies full!!? I am sure they are just joking, you do not have to send them cookies…. LOL!!!!

Do sign up for their mailing list and join now.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bento Lunch # 2

I started eating and remembered that I have not taken a pic. I know it doesn't look very nice but it smells and taste good. Someone can vouch for it... her stomach was growling so loudly that the person from the next room can hear.... LOL!!! Ok.... to be fair we were all standing outside the door when it happened.... Anyway, she was shy. Only ate 2 pieces of the fish and 1 tbs of rice.

Been trying to get up early to make something for lunch but guess just have to depend on leftovers from dinner at the moment. That's brown rice, fish and veg. Got carbo, protein, veg and fruits(went to buy pineapple and papaya). It is 4.18 now, am still not hungry yet... don't know about later. ^_*

By the way, I am amazed that the small container can packed so many pieces of fish!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Buzz Round Robin

I just recently got this piece of Round Robin done with Linda and Nik framed. We call it the Buzz RR because we are busy people, I think. If you look closely, you will see '06 after Linda's name. Yup, that was 2 years ago... LOL!!! I did say I procrastinate a lot... and it took me years to decide if I want to send it to Penang to get the framing done.

Round Robin, for those who are not in my stitching world, is actually a rotational stitching exchange. This was my piece and my theme was Lizzie Kate's Alphabet sampler. I stitched first the middle square and then mailed it to Linda for her to stitch and then she mailed it on to Nik when she finished. At the same time, Nik and Linda also have their own pieces that was rotated. Each of us had about 1 month to stitch on each others pieces.

The more I look at it, the more I like this piece. The framing is just right, don't you think? And I must thank my colleague (dare I mention her name?) for bringing it back from Penang for me.

Do you wear glasses?

I had to change my glasses almost every year since I was 10 as my degree increased every year till I was much, much older that it stabilized. I used to wear those big ones that covers half your face. That was the fashion then.

With the amount of time spend on cross-stitching and on the computer, seems like I have to get another pair real soon. Just change the lenses then? But more fun to get a new pair of glasses, right?

This one? LOL!!!

I was searching online and came across They sell Stylish Prescription Glasses Online. Now you can get anything online. They have a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor(potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. You can choose till your heart content. With their reasonable prices, just get another pair when you feel like changing your style and follow the fashion.

The Secret to Zenni’s Low Prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Read while Waiting Project: 23 August

Emily wrote about this project by a while back. And my sister also pick up on it but I did not say anything because I haven’t been reading much.

The topic of reading came up, so I thought I give it a mention. The project aims at getting 1000 people to freeze and read together at specific time and places on 23rd of August. Why? Because the organizer got nothing better to do… LOL!! Just kidding… ^_* It aims at promoting reading among Malaysian. Ops, it actually aims at promoting reading while waiting for everyone all over the world. My friend Ita just wrote about it at her website, too.

You can read more about it here at and join them on Facebook.

Happy reading!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Bird Theme Mail Art

This was another exchange at Mail Art friends organized by Kita because she loves all types of birds. My partner in this exchange also happened to be Kita.

Part of my fascination with Mail arts is because I used to collect stamps and first day covers. I still collect them if I happen to come across them selling at the post office or any nice one on an envelope. I'll always try to match the stamps to the theme of the Mail Art, if there is one. ^_*

For this MA, I actually went to the post office to have it weighted for the amount of stamps to put use. Came back to choose the stamps and sticked it on before going to mail it out again the next day....
Well, it took its time to arrive but Kita said it got the ladies at the PO all excited when it arrived... LOL!! That's fun to know.

Kita sent me this lovely MA together with a couple of postcard from Tennessee, a photo frame and a bookmark. The only thing is that Kita mailed them all in an envelope and there is no stamps on the MA. I also love the bird print fabric Kita used for the backing.

I forgot to take a pic of the inside. Will update later. Lovely parrot, no?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Bento Lunch

I procrastinate a lot. I don’t know why. I am very forgetful and a friend said it is an early sign of dementia…. Sigh! What’s my point? I forget.

Anyway, I told my colleagues that I want to wake up at 7 am to prepare bento for lunch. I did that for one day(I made onigiri and tamagoyaki but did not take a pic) and then could not wake up for the next few days...

The above was Monday night's leftovers. Brown rice and stir fried beans, corn, carrot, onions and mushroom. Cooked by my SIL and very yummy. I did get up at 7am on Tue just to make the tamakoyaki, the 2 pieces on the brown rice. I actually cut to 3 pieces, I took 1 piece with bread for breakfast. ^_*

Then my colleagues have to choose that day to go for Jalan Wong Ah Fook's famous Fish Head Curry..... Sigh!

Have you been to a park to socialize?

Looking to earn some money for your blog? I found my way to SocialSpark another website that bring bloggers and advertisers together.

I am online most of the day at work(which is very slow at the moment) and sometimes home at night.( Well, I have unlimited broadband excess why not make full use of it right?) And since I am blogging, why not try to make some money out of it? Do I want extra money to spend? But of course! So, my friends… if I can do it so can you.

SocialSpark is here to help you monetize your blog, build community and drive traffic. You will be pleased to know that they have code of ethics:

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I find it quite easy to navigate around Socialspark and if you are really very sociable you’ll be making lots of friends in no time. Did I mention about making money while at it? LOL!!! Sure I did.

Just click on the link and Happy Socialsparkling!!!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Red Theme Mail Art From Margaret

Actually the theme for this exchange was Red/Blue theme but most of the members chose Red Theme. Margaret went to the PO to get it post marked and was the 'postman' herself delivered to me during the Stitching Bee....^_* Quaker design stitched on evenweave.

I just love this closing. The ribbon was weave through the fabric and tied at both ends. I am going to copy this closing on my next MA...

The goodies inside; some speciality floss and a card or I thought it was a card until I opened it. Forgot to take a pic but there are actually needles inside. Not just a few but 2 rows of them.!!!

Thanks for a great exchange Margaret.