Friday, July 25, 2008

NCC Mail Art Exchange July 2008

Look what I received from Margaret for this exchange. A lovely MA with a bird that sew with its beaks.... LOL!! The goodies are a piece of hand dyed evenweave - colour name: purple butterfly from, a six strand sweets, a mini cross stitch kit, another stand of overdyes floss and lots and lots of buttons..... Thank you very much, Margaret.

Shhhh... I have yet to send out my MA to Charlene. I am the organizer and I am late!


Emily said...

Oh Hello!!!

I named you Queen of Mail Art! So get on with it! LOL!

3lilangels said...

Hey, how about bigger pics. Can't see any of the pretty details lah.

Janet C said...

(whispering) Phew....I thought I was the last one! Finally completed it last night and will post it to Lody later today. *_^
PS. I received from Charlene (thanks for redirecting).

Charlene said...

Beautiful and the goodies ... pheww .. lucky you, Wendy ..*wink. Take your time to fiished my MA cos I'm sure I'll get a pretty one from you ... lol.

Charlene said...

Wendy, I have nominate your name for Brilliante Weblog Award. Please check my blog.