Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Malaysian 'Bento'

I wonder what comes to your mind when you read that? LOL!!

Went to 'ta pau' (takeaway) from the food court. I seldom go to the food court here because I find them expensive. For this after 10% discount, its RM5.70! Vegetarian food - stir fried long beans, baked pumpkin, tofu in sweet sauce and the imitation meat...

Next time I'll remember to remove the plastic bag before I take a pic. Better still if I say, no need plastic bag.

I started to eat when I decided to pour it into my metal bowl. I swear it taste much better!!

Does it looks like the Korean bibimbap? ^_*


Emily said...

Slaps forehead! Thats a no no no.. No plastic bag and styloform box to be involved lah dear. Must bring your own food container!

Promise to bring your own food container when you go 'ta pau-ing' next time??

The long beans and pumpkin look great!!!!

3lilangels said...

That reminds me of the bibimbap we had in Singapore. Slurp!