Friday, July 18, 2008

Bento # 5

I am using the word Bento loosely here... Its not exactly lunch-in-a-box is it? ^_* Got up late, so just grab the cherries tomatos and lettuce from the fridge, 3 (small) oranges, a green apple and a can of salmon spread... Bought the wheat bun from Lavender(actually got my colleague to get for me while I cut the fruits).

I ate the one on the left first (had to wait for the wheat bun to arrive). I was quite satisfied but thought I might be hungry later so when the wheat bun arrived I spread the salmon spread, took a pic and ate it. That's when I feel like having another one.... of the wheat bun with salmon spread and lettuce!!!! (Licking my lips as I type ^_*)

In case you are wondering, Emily... I'd Nasi Lemak for breakfast.... LOL!!!


Emily said...

Yeah! Thanks for thinking of me..... Now, nasi lemak ~ ready packed RM1 type or the one you selected the dishes type?

Am I to read that you had two buns? Actually need to have 2 or 3 buns to finish that can of tuna! LOL! Last week I finished one can over two days. Loosing the touch!

biblo said...

Nasi lemak RM1 type one lah.... I had the one bun during lunch. Curb the urge to eat another after I started posting. But ate the 2nd one around 3pm.... LOL!!!

Couldn't finish the whole can... keep for later.

That's good right? Can consume a can of tuna for 2 days... ^_*

Emily said...

ahhhh, forgot to add, tuna not for lunch but for tea time! LOL!

3lilangels said...

Another 'bento' beautifully presented. Yes I like the doily. Adds a quaint touch to the meal. But two buns!! Thot you're on low carbohydrate diet?