Monday, July 28, 2008


I am already feeling the pressure here trying to update as much as possible in order not to disappoint my friends whom I insist must visit my blog(to increase my blog traffic).

Then comes Emily with this award for me which kept me speechless for a while... Me? Creative? I was just saying at NNC that I don't have any creative juice.... LOL!!! Thanks Emily and I am giving you this award, too. Not to mention your crafts... your idea for the Bento packing (buy food from stalls and repack to the boxes) - Brilliant!!!

Now Charlene just gave me this award:

Thanks Charlene. I am really honored and I am giving you this award, too. Thanks for visiting and sharing our passion for cross-stitch. On top of that, I am also giving you the Kreativ award above. I can only WOW!! at all those samplers that you did.

Emily, this Brillante Weblog award goes to you too... I already think you are brilliant! ^_*

My sister with her 3 'lil Angels also gets both these awards. Encouragement for you to carry on with your blogging. Love all the bento's you are churning out for the 'let, 'lets... lol!!!

Tini, you are one talented young lady. I am giving you both these awards...

Nik, my hats off to you. Doing all that you do while holding a demanding job. I think you deserve these awards twice over....

Here are the rules for these awards:

1. The winner can display these awards on their blog
2. Display a link to the person you have got the award from.
3. Nominate at
least 5 and 7 other blogs, you like respectively
4. Set the links to the blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a comment on the blogs you have chosen.

Hm.... Can I give out more awards than stipulated? LOL!!!!! I want to give to everyone I know. Seriously, the people I know aren't that many.....


Emily said...

Wahh, two awards with one posting ah! You are brillante! And thank you for giving me two awards!

Yup! what a brillant idea right? Its between choosing to walk the 3km each morning or cook something to pack for bento-ing! Looks like walking won!

Anyway, I have been buying foodstuff previously for work and in order to avoid using extra plastic and styloform - I bring my own containers!

But I am getting there - cooking certain food specifically for bento-ing!

snazzynsuch said...

so sweet of you wendy.. thanks...