Friday, July 11, 2008

Bento Lunch # 2

I started eating and remembered that I have not taken a pic. I know it doesn't look very nice but it smells and taste good. Someone can vouch for it... her stomach was growling so loudly that the person from the next room can hear.... LOL!!! Ok.... to be fair we were all standing outside the door when it happened.... Anyway, she was shy. Only ate 2 pieces of the fish and 1 tbs of rice.

Been trying to get up early to make something for lunch but guess just have to depend on leftovers from dinner at the moment. That's brown rice, fish and veg. Got carbo, protein, veg and fruits(went to buy pineapple and papaya). It is 4.18 now, am still not hungry yet... don't know about later. ^_*

By the way, I am amazed that the small container can packed so many pieces of fish!


3lilangels said...

Yum.... SIL's fish. She packed that for me once when I was down in JB for work, and yeah... the aroma really wafted around the aircon room. Can drool just thinking of it.

And yes, the box may look small but can fit in a lot. Half of that rice portion is enoughlah, unless you're sharing more than 1 tbsp.^_*

biblo said...

My dear, slowly lah... one step at a time. As it is, thought that it was just enough.. half of that, I'll be hungry by 3pm...LOL!!!!

Emily said...

I am beginning to believe that bento boxes might be good for dieting!

biblo said...

Emily, that was the whole idea for me!!! ^_* I am not saying the four letter word.