Monday, September 29, 2008

Sept 29th - Bento # 26

The menu today - Brown rice sprinkle with furikake, sardine, cucumber, acar ...

and a piece of pineapple. ^_*

Haven't been to the gym for a few days.... but I did dug out a piece of WIP cross stitch piece. Like I said seem to be a trade off, sigh!!!

Weaving Ketupat

2 more days to Hari Raya, a lot of people already on leave... the stock market is also very quiet. What do we do? Weaving Ketupat lesson in the office....

Caught in the act.... That's the teacher, Shah, showing his disciples a trick or two.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seaside Mail art for Lillie

My stitching has taken a back seat ever since Clark Hatch opened. Was supposed to mail this MA out in July but I just couldn't get it finish. There was always something or another. I know they were all excuses, tiredness, laziness, no mood .... Is there one word in English that can describe all of it?

Seaside theme Mail Art for Lillie
Exchange at Mailartfriends

This MA was posted out by Pos Express on Monday, so Lillie should have received it unless she is not home. I'd also mailed out the Summer Mail art to Pamela and will post it next week when it is supposed to arrive. MW is shaking her head and cane ready in hand to come chasing after me... probably that's why I am shying away from the group. Out of sight, out of mind? ^_*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sept 24th - Bento # 25

Sibeh paiseh... Just found out that you can actually put the cutlery on top of the bento box. Did my sis tell me that before and I forgot about it?

Today's lunch.... oversteamed brocolli, carrot and cauliflower in the upper box. SlL's Fried rice, leftover from last night and 'ngo hiang' from the freezer which I toasted in the office.

I think the rice is too much plus I'd nasi lemak for breakfast. Too much carbo today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sept 23rd - Bento # 24

Don't know why nowadays whenever I eat something, I'll hear Emily's little voice in my head, "No picture ah?"

This morning, Fiona brought some 'kee chang' someone gave her parents. What's so special about these 'kee chang'? They were from Thailand... Its very fragrant and nice with kaya. So, that was breakfast.

Sometimes, when I ran out of 2 in 1 Cafe 21, I'll make kopi the traditional way.....

No, I don't make the whole pot. Just half, enough for 2 cups of black kopi... one for me and another for my driver. My car is in the workshop... long story...

Use a new box today.

I used the rice mould that Emily gave me to make the above shaped brown rice. Don't ask me why I have to shape the rice... taste the same to me. Put in some carrots, acar and radish pickle to fill up the gaps... Protein today was the leftover chicken from last night soup. The rest were acar, korean pickles and the radish pickle. Definately tastier than yesterday's cauliflowers.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

22nd Sept : Bento # 23

Today's lunch is rather bland but healthy? No, oil. Boiled cauliflower and broccoli, cut tomatoes. Brown rice sprinkle with furikake in the bottom box. There were some more cauliflower and broccoli hidden beneath the rice. Can't stand it, had to add some meat floss while eating....

By the way, the Little Oxford Dictionary said that the broccoli is a hardy variety of cauliflower!!?? I didn't know that....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bento # 21 & # 22

This was last Saturday's bento for dinner. Brown rice with some leftover petai. Peppers tossed with apple cider vinegar, cherry tomato, leftover chicken nuggets from KFC. Fruits - Orange and apple.

This was Tuesday bento. Brown rice sprinkle with black sesame seeds. Korean pickles and duck meat in the upper box. My usual salad - lettuce, peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. The only difference was I pack the lettuce in a bento box not a plastic bag and I forgot my metal bowl....

Just found out that another colleague quietly started a blog last month and already have quite a following but alas it is in mandarin.... I can only admire the pictures.

Roller coaster ride and drama...

Colleagues of mine are complaining of non updates...

Sorry, my friends. Well you know what I have been busy with.

Fiona have been talking about this drama for the past month as she is following it on Astro with her family. I watched it on DVD and caught up with her in 3 days.

It has been a roller coaster ride on the stock market. I have a lot of things to do but I have been procrastinating.

I hope I haven't been black listed for being late in the Mail Art exchange....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept 12th's Bento # 20

Finally on Friday I used the packet Inari that I bought from KL last, last trip....

Top box was the Inari filled with brown rice. I sprinkle some sesame seeds and sakura denbu on top to make it look better. Bottom box 2 types of korean pickle, japanese pickle radish, acar and shaped hard boil eggs.

Fiona fried mee hoon. Top box was my breakfast!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Reminder of what I already have or not....

I finally took some photos of my loot from the bento party...

These are my birthday present from Emily. The was a mooncake, too... not in the picture because obviously it has already been consumed.

This comes in four colours but I only got the red one. Emily bought a pink one for Fiona and she loves it so much that she might want to get the other colours as well.

Some belts, small containers and a 3 different shapes rice mould. The cookie cutter was from the goodie bag....

The brown set

This Pink set has been reduced to the bottom three pieces only. I let Fiona have the top two.

The Brown set

Here how I think I can use them...





For breakfast perhaps?

The Pink set

Was supposed to be all mine...

But this became Fiona's



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11 - Bento # 19

Decided to use this box for today. Remember it? I see quite a number of people using it.... ^_*

Top View

Side view

Tada!! Upper box consists of white rice sprinkle with sakura denbu and furikake plus edaname and the bottom box has acar-acar made by SIL and edaname on top of some sardines cook with tomatoes and onions, also by SIL.

Darn! Now I am hungry looking at my own ex-lunch...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If can call this Bento # 18

The picture was blurry because I took it from my handphone... I did not plan this bento on Monday but SIL made apricot bread and I just have to pack it. I stuff meat floss in between the bread and that's strawberry in the other box if you haven't already guess. No, it wasn't enough for lunch. I was so hungry by 5pm that I skipped gym and went home early because mom called to say she brought pulasan from Pontian.....

No bento today. Did another korean drama marathon last night till this morning 5am...

KL and Bento Party

I went to KL last weekend so that my eldest sis and BIL can buy me a birthday dinner... and I get to go to the KL first Bento Party organised by Pat and Emily. (Sounds much better than saying I went to KL for a Bento Party... LOL!!!)

Anyway, still have not got use to taking pictures. So, no pictures from the scrumptious Korean dinner that Cici (that's what we call our eldest sis, should be in Hakka not Hokkein but we all speak Hokkien and not Hakka, go figure!) and BIL bought us (3lilangels' family and I).

Today is also the 1st day of the UPSR exam. Good luck to Janelle, my niece and Darryl, my nephew. No pressure, you just need to get 5 A's... ^_*

Now, the Bento Party... what can I say? I am still amazed that Pat and Emily were able to organize such an awesome event so like effortlessly (Of course, I did not know what goes on behind the planning and all). But we have it all, there's the goodie bag with a lot of sponsored stuffs; a little how-to Bento talk by Pat and save the environment talk by Emily; buffet lunch spread; competition and shopping!!!! You can read more about it if you click on the links to their blogs.

'Borrowed' pictures from 3lilangels which she borrowed some from Yatie.

Goodies from the goddie bag

Fried chicken and tempura


My entry for the competition before I devour them.


I was a little shy so did not chat with everyone. But it was nice to be a part of this wonderful gathering of bento packers or packers-to-be. Thanks again to Pat and Emily and everyone that contributed to the success of this event.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yup... am a year older ^_* Wanted to forget about this day but the SMS started early and I'd almost forgotten about it. Sigh!

On top of that I get to eat 2 different cakes....

A mocca cake bought by Fiona... She would have forgotten if another colleague who shares the same birthday did not come by to wish me Happy Birthday. Guess it is difficult to forget... but we promised not to embarrass ourselves with birthday songs this year. Last year, there were too many around the office.

I thought of calling Cyndy not to get a cake but then I wanted to forget about this day and thought perhaps being pregnant, she might lose some of her brain memory cells... Unfortunately, she had already pre-ordered this Tiramisu cake yesterday.

Oh well.. It's my birthday and both cakes are delicious!!!! Slurp!! But please... no songs or candles.