Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sept 24th - Bento # 25

Sibeh paiseh... Just found out that you can actually put the cutlery on top of the bento box. Did my sis tell me that before and I forgot about it?

Today's lunch.... oversteamed brocolli, carrot and cauliflower in the upper box. SlL's Fried rice, leftover from last night and 'ngo hiang' from the freezer which I toasted in the office.

I think the rice is too much plus I'd nasi lemak for breakfast. Too much carbo today.


Emily said...

On the whole, very yummy and colorful!

One pack or two? nasi lemak!

biblo said...

One pack lah... and half a piece of toast! ^_*

3lilangels said...

Eh! How did I miss this post?

I did tell you, the same time I told you the lower tier can be stored inside the big tier, when I pass you the blue bento box. Aiya! You are like my kids, in one ear, out the other....

Glad your bento had protein today. Looks appealing. No comments on the nasi lemak, cos I had it as well *_^