Tuesday, September 09, 2008

KL and Bento Party

I went to KL last weekend so that my eldest sis and BIL can buy me a birthday dinner... and I get to go to the KL first Bento Party organised by Pat and Emily. (Sounds much better than saying I went to KL for a Bento Party... LOL!!!)

Anyway, still have not got use to taking pictures. So, no pictures from the scrumptious Korean dinner that Cici (that's what we call our eldest sis, should be in Hakka not Hokkein but we all speak Hokkien and not Hakka, go figure!) and BIL bought us (3lilangels' family and I).

Today is also the 1st day of the UPSR exam. Good luck to Janelle, my niece and Darryl, my nephew. No pressure, you just need to get 5 A's... ^_*

Now, the Bento Party... what can I say? I am still amazed that Pat and Emily were able to organize such an awesome event so like effortlessly (Of course, I did not know what goes on behind the planning and all). But we have it all, there's the goodie bag with a lot of sponsored stuffs; a little how-to Bento talk by Pat and save the environment talk by Emily; buffet lunch spread; competition and shopping!!!! You can read more about it if you click on the links to their blogs.

'Borrowed' pictures from 3lilangels which she borrowed some from Yatie.

Goodies from the goddie bag

Fried chicken and tempura


My entry for the competition before I devour them.


I was a little shy so did not chat with everyone. But it was nice to be a part of this wonderful gathering of bento packers or packers-to-be. Thanks again to Pat and Emily and everyone that contributed to the success of this event.


3lilangels said...

You can steal as many photos as you like. I stole some from Yatie. haha... Forgot to take pic of your bentolah. Sorry, too caught up in the moment....

Emily said...

Well, while Emily was shaking legs, Bento Pet did all the work!

biblo said...

Yeah, Emily just shake legs and collect the monies.... HAHAHAHA!!!

LODY said...

i know i always have to prepare myself to eat whenever i visit your blog wendy. lol

good thing i cooked a lot of rice noodles last night... heating some in the microwave now, or else i won't stop wishing that your bento will jump out of the screen. i should be full before checking out emily's blog... lol

biblo said...

LOL!!! Lody, glad to have you visiting...

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Oh wow...i love to buy that set too, looks so nice.

Lillie said...

Wow! lovely bento collections..and those foodie...yummy!
I'm begining to like the bento sets ;)
Looks like everyone had a wonderfully good time at the Bento Party.