Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday..

Sorry I haven't been posting in the internet world this past couple of weeks. Actually, I am around just have nothing much to say. Been distrated by other mundane stuffs or maybe not in the mood. I am also thinking that perhaps I am having an early menapause... LOL!!

Harsha, I have been to the framers in Perling that you recommended. Will be going to pick up that wedding sampler tomorrow. I do have other pieces that I have to send. But did I mention that I am a procrastinator?

This weekend I have a 2 days mandatory CPE course to attend. Maybe I can do some stitching while listening. Just have to sit right at the back. ^_*

I still have a few RR to work on but have been slowly poking on my Michael Powell piece instead. There is another exchange due 1st of June with MYC.

Nik, will try to get our Buzz RR done soon. Have started to frog... sorry for being so slow. Will have to shake off this lethagyness towards stitching!

Don't miss me too much....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An update...

Thanks for admiring my Mail Arts. I haven't been updating my blog partly because I have been busy and also my desktop at home crashed on me. I had to bring my notebook home today thinking I better update something.

I went to Singapore last Thursday evening for my fresh supply of Korean drama and movies and then I was in KL over the long weekend. Did I say I was busy?

Nik, sorry I could not meet up with you. KL seems like a very big place especially when I have to depend on someone to drive me around. Managed to save a lot since I did not get to Yee’s or Haby’s. But did go to Amcorp Mall and guess what? I bought 4 mags…

Sylvie, I don't remember how many MA's I have stitched... I have lost count, LOL!!! By the way, I have finished Elaine's WTP. Wanted to scan it before I post to you, unfortunately my scanner is installed on my desktop. I tried to install it on my notebook but I can't find the software.

So, have not been updating also because am pictureless. I have done a MA exchange with Mail Art Friends. You can see the MA I send to Zalita here in her blog. I have also sent Zalita a bookmark for our MYS 2006 exchange. I have no idea if my Spring exchange with Stitchers Bloggers Exchange Board has reached it destination but the postal tracker did say it arrived in NY. I have taken a pic but its in the camera which is not compatible with my notebook. Again, unable to load.

Hi Gina, thanks for stopping by and adding me to your sidebar. I am glad you like my Mail Arts. Maybe we can do a MA exchange sometime.

Zohrah, ^_* the rotating photo flick can unfortunately accomodate 4 pics only. Thanks for dropping by.