Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday..

Sorry I haven't been posting in the internet world this past couple of weeks. Actually, I am around just have nothing much to say. Been distrated by other mundane stuffs or maybe not in the mood. I am also thinking that perhaps I am having an early menapause... LOL!!

Harsha, I have been to the framers in Perling that you recommended. Will be going to pick up that wedding sampler tomorrow. I do have other pieces that I have to send. But did I mention that I am a procrastinator?

This weekend I have a 2 days mandatory CPE course to attend. Maybe I can do some stitching while listening. Just have to sit right at the back. ^_*

I still have a few RR to work on but have been slowly poking on my Michael Powell piece instead. There is another exchange due 1st of June with MYC.

Nik, will try to get our Buzz RR done soon. Have started to frog... sorry for being so slow. Will have to shake off this lethagyness towards stitching!

Don't miss me too much....

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~Harsha~ said...

I can't help it.. I miss you! LOL :P can't wait to see the pic of the framed wedding sampler!