Monday, July 07, 2008

Bird Theme Mail Art

This was another exchange at Mail Art friends organized by Kita because she loves all types of birds. My partner in this exchange also happened to be Kita.

Part of my fascination with Mail arts is because I used to collect stamps and first day covers. I still collect them if I happen to come across them selling at the post office or any nice one on an envelope. I'll always try to match the stamps to the theme of the Mail Art, if there is one. ^_*

For this MA, I actually went to the post office to have it weighted for the amount of stamps to put use. Came back to choose the stamps and sticked it on before going to mail it out again the next day....
Well, it took its time to arrive but Kita said it got the ladies at the PO all excited when it arrived... LOL!! That's fun to know.

Kita sent me this lovely MA together with a couple of postcard from Tennessee, a photo frame and a bookmark. The only thing is that Kita mailed them all in an envelope and there is no stamps on the MA. I also love the bird print fabric Kita used for the backing.

I forgot to take a pic of the inside. Will update later. Lovely parrot, no?


Charlene said...

So beautiful your MA Wendy. You really a Queen MA wor ... So envy with your work.

Lillie said...

Both MA are fabulous pieces.

3lilangels said...

A job well done, as usual. Like the way you matched the stamps.