Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Flipping for Joy!

Gwen thought the Santa was flipping for joy! I thought so too... LOL! eventhough some collegues of mine thought I stitched it upside down.

How do you like the stamp? Its the Malaysian flag and I love it. Was just waiting for the right MA to use it. No, RM1 is not enough postage, the rest of the stamps were stuck behind the envelope. It looked kind of out of place if I squeeze all the stamps there. Luckily, the postal clerk allow me to stick the registered mail sticker behind the envelope with the other stamps.

I am still waiting for Gwen to post a pic. I wanna see it with the post mark and how it endured its journey...

The back of the envelope as you can see is a bit lop sided. Sigh! Wonder when I'll get it right.


Charlene said...

What a nice MA, Wendy. At first I was thinking that the Santa was stitching in a wrong side .. lol ... Really love it.

whitecalla said...

As always, its a masterpiece.
And yeap! I thot u stitched it upside down. Its lovely.

~ Lillie