Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is it!

Well, after much thoughts (as if I think a lot....) LOL!!

Anyway, my reason for setting up this blog is to help me get some motivation to finish my WIPs.. xstitch that is. It will be like a written resolution!!?

Distractions for today.. a friend asked to go on a short trip together. Decided on Penang rather than Bangkok. I have been to Bangkok, frankly speaking I am not really the tourist type. Guess I have a very lazy nature. I remember the last time there on tour with some friends, there were a lot of bus rides. I have motion sickness, so I'll close my eyes in the bus and of course I'll sleep. By the time reach some place, I am more tired. So much so, I'll decide to stay on the bus and told my friends to go ahead and visit the temple. On the last day, I even decided to stay in the hotel!!! That's my story.

Another distraction today... a korean actor Jang Dong Gun is coming to Singapore tomorrow to promote his new movie The Promise. So am deciding to go or not to go to the airport to have a look! This, of course is because my friend MT said is she going or she'll regret it for the rest of her life....LOL!

Am currently stitching on a RR, my theme is Funny cats or rather cute cats... due to be posted out on the 15th. Hope to get it finish by tonight. I did not manage to stitch yesterday as I went to bed very early at around 7pm because I was having a slight headache from the flu.... was suppose to be just for a nap but I ignored the alarm I set and woke up only at 10.30pm ....

And I missed the Survivor's finale. Don't know if its on purpose, as I already know Danni won. Maybe I didn't want her to win.

So, I will try to list my WIP's or rather UFO's and get some pictures posted.. another thing have to figure out how to post pictures..


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