Thursday, December 15, 2005

EMS group RR 151205

Today is the 1st posting date for this EMS group RR I joined recently. Lene was really persuasive and I was easily sold. LOL!!

This is my piece. Theme is "Funny Cats". Design by Margaret Sherry. Named "Chrismas all wrapped up!" I think its really apt to start my RR with this one as it is Dec...

I did not stitch the wordings on it though. Will be finishing this RR when it returns next year into a cushion.


Charlene said...

Wow Wendy, I just love your cat especially it was is Red Shirt .. just like Santa. Still can't figure out what to stitch on your piece but don't worry ... I'm the last person to stitch before the RR came back to you.... hmmm still have plenty of time to find a suitable chart .. right.

- Azie - said...

I really like the cat, it's so cute.. and the colours are very meriah.. !!

biblo said...

Azie... took me a while to figure out who liltouch is until I click on it. LOL!

Thanks for admiring my cat!