Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bento # 10

Last night, SIL made bread with raisins, walnut and cinnamon. She mixed the flour with some wholemeal flour. So today's lunch is homemade bread with meat floss and kei chi.... Must have some veggie, right? Stole some from Fiona's bento... LOL!!! Very satisfying lunch!

I used the same line my sis used on me, "Too much rice" on Fiona and she has not pack rice for 2 days. On the left she has tempeh, long beans, baby carrot and tomato. On the right just japanese cucumber.


Emily said...

So clever one!

Just dont go overboard on the "too much rice" which becomes no rice at all. And then that leaves one feeling hungry and deprived.... and go thinking of sundae ice cream and what not! LOL! A little rice is okay lah.

3lilangels said...

Wah, so fun to have someone bento-ing together. Can ask mom to bring some of the bread when she comes to KL? *_^

Fiona's tempeh looks yum too. And like Emily says, can have some ricelah..... hehe...