Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aug 12th Bento # 13

But who is counting right? I wonder if those 3 people got tired of the same futomaki picture already...

I made one roll yesterday and cut into 9 pieces. I had it throughout the day, ie breakfast, morning break, lunch and tea break..... LOL!!! The first box on the left had tamagoyaki and 3 pieces of the futomaki and then was replace by the celery and tempeh curtesy from Fiona... I did not tell her that I'll be making futomaki as I wasn't sure if I'll wake up to make them. She brought her own bento of veg mostly and took 1 piece of the futomaki only.

Did not go to the gym because I forgot my shoes...... ^_*

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Emily said...

No lah, not tired yet of the futomaki pictures! Am thinking of making it... someday! Hey! they look good.. practice makes perfect yah?