Friday, October 17, 2008

Up and Down...

The stock market has been crazy for the past weeks! Up and down like nobody's business... aiyoh, headache! and then I haven’t been exercising… eat a lot and no bento.

Reminds me of this song sang by Pooh....

When I up, down and touch the ground
It puts me in the mood,
Up, down and touch the ground
In the mood for food

I am stout, round and I have found
Speaking poundage wise
I improve my appetite
When I exercise

I am short, fat and proud of that
And so, with all my might
I up, down and up, down to
My appetite's delight

While I up, down and touch the ground
I think of things to chew, like honey
With a hefty happy appetite
I'm a hefty happy Pooh

With a hefty happy appetite
He's a hefty happy Pooh


Emily said...

Aiyaks! So kesian lah the stock market! I love Pooh too (have a the entire collection of Pooh bears from a fast food joint!) but now in cold storage. Currently the entire 'I Loving It' bears are on display in the rear window of my car!

Aiyah, go lah to the gym. I walked 5km rounds this morning in 62mins! Got vegetarian bento today! Pictures later tonight!

Biblo said...

LOL!!! Yes, must go to the gym! Will try to force myself today. ^_*

Wow, you have been exercising a lot.. Wonder if you add up all the rounds you do at Daiso, how many km in total?

Emily said...

100yen rounds dont count! Cos, I drove! LOL!

Weiiii no bento ah?