Tuesday, October 07, 2008

6th October - Bento # 28

Did not get a chance to post yesterday's bento yesterday. (Maybe because don't have Emily to "Wei, no bento today?") Glad to report that I went to gym yesterday... did an hour on the cross-trainer machine and half hour of spinning. I was feeling a little giddy after the half hour and thought better don't push myself too hard... LOL!!!

Must learn how to make acar from my SIL. I know there is cucumber, cauliflower, carrot and peanut. Mixed them all together with something else... will let you know when I find out, if I remember. Over the weekend, my mum 'lo' (simmered in dark soy sauce?) a batch of chicken drumlets and wings for me. Yes, my mum loves me alot!

Top - acar, edamame and picked radish
Bottom - 'lo' chicken drumlets and brown rice

There were supposed to be 3 same ingredients in this bento with Emily's Bento. I forgot which 3, wanna help me out? LOL!!!

Next is Fiona's bento....

Fiona caught the bug and cannot wait. Called her friend in Singapore to go Daiso to get her some things. The above was a new belt on the red bento box from 100Yen outlet...

White rice (I sprinkle some furikake on top for effect ^_*).
Bottom box was Sweet& Sour Chicken and fried tofu.

By the way, am not sure if Paul was influnced by me. He asked for my *ahem* 'professional' opinion on his debut bento. HAHAHAHA!!!


Emily said...

Acar is one of my favorite side dish! I made nyonya acar from scratch once! Under the strict supervision of my nyonya gurlfriend! She instructed me from step 1 to the end, she's a damn good cook!

Went looking for edamame at Jusco but they had sold out.. not even the frozen ones were available.

Wahhh those drumsticks are to die for! Just curious...... what's your best dish - the one you cook!

Emily said...

p.s. Fiona's bento is just like mine... no green color!

What a lovely belt she used with her bento box!

Biblo said...

My dear Emily, wait till I cook and I'll let you know my best dish!^_*

Emily said...

Above recipe similar to the one I made a decade ago!

BTW, what's 'spinning' again. You told me before but cannot put a finger on it now. Sounds interesting!

Biblo said...

Spinning or Ride... as in riding a bicycle. ^_*