Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chicken Wine Bento

Burp! I think I am a little drunk... ^_*

Its a combo bento today... Fiona cooked the Chicken wine which is in the gourmet container. I brought the rice and vegs.

I steamed the white rice, carrot and edamame this morning. The brown rice is for me. Fiona prefer white rice... and the main dish - Chicken Wine. Smacking my lips, the chicken wine is just superb... The secret ingredient is the home made wine. Burp! Ops, excuse me..


Emily said...

Chicken Wine! Yumms! Another fav of mine!

I saw a very nice Gourmet thermal jar at Jusco today! RM115! Nope, did not buy!

But I got meself a pair of fake eyelashes! blink blink!

3lilangels said...

Wah! Can drink during office hours, ah? *_^

Emily: Must show us your new lashes. With new figure to boot!! wink! wink!

Emily said...

Alas! I totally forgot that without putting on my glasses, I cannot see to put on them fake lashes!! darn and double darn!

Gonna look for a large magnifying table mirror now!