Tuesday, October 07, 2008

3rd October - Bento # 27

3lilangels smsed me asking if I would go to KL for the Raya break. Instead, I enticed her with a trip toDaiso... So, leaving the husbands behind to fend for themselves, both my sis came home last Wed with the kids.

Last Friday bento was done by 3lilangels. So nice of her to wake up early to send me off to work with a bento, huh? Ah... peace again at home again after everyone gone back to KL... LOL!!

Using my new brown sandwich box, top - Ketupat and two pieces of Lemang. Below - serunding, acar and satay without the stick. Notice my new silicon cups? ^_*


3lilangels said...

Now looking back, doesn't seem like enough food for you, hor? Sorry, I'm used to packing for kids.

Biblo said...

Phew!! I thought it was me... I was so hungry by 5pm that I forgo gym to go fill my stomach. LOL!!!

Emily said...

LOL! The two of you really cracks me up!

Love your new silicon cups! and colors! Got purple!

So lovely to have a loving heart bento from sis!