Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bento # 30

SIL bought this bag from a RM5 store. I did not catch the name of the store. She wanted me to try it out and see if it keeps the food warm till noon.

A lot of water condensation. Not good right? Anyway, the food wasn't warm. It was just room temperature, not cold. If you know what I mean.... ^_*

What I had was 2 chicken drumstick( last of the frozen batch that mum made for me), brown rice sprinkled with sakura denbu, edamame, korean pickles and japanese radish pickle. The pickles were cold, so I pack them separately. Plate into the box above before taking a pic. Not in the picture were 2 small red and green apple.


Emily said...

I like the color of the bag though!

Two drumsticks! Jealous! Don't you think two is an overdose on proteins? Have more edamame! or slices of cucumber or cherry tomatoes!

Darn jealous of the extra drumstick in that good looking box!

Question: were the cold pickles packed in the same bag? Were the red and green apples cold from the fridge too and in the same bag as that gorgeous looking bento box? Try again - keeping the cold stuff out of that lovely grey bag!

Emily said...

p.s.: maybe it will work if your bento box is metal?

Biblo said...

No, the bag only has the gorgeous looking bento box..... I pack the cold stuff in another bag.

Maybe I should use the metal box instead but it was not big enough for 2 drumstick... ^_*

Emily said...

so so so jealous of the two drumsticks!

Emily said...

helo helo, got surprise for you at my blog!

3lilangels said...

two drumstick!!! I want!!! Ask the mom to come KL and cook for the daughter who really needs it!

I only had instant noodles for lunch. So deprived, right? Then had to pump petrol (which is almost at the E sign since your BIL not around) and got a Cornetto choc drumstick. So actually, I had drumstick for lunch too.. haha....

Btw, I'm only having fried egg and vegies for dinner. Go tell your mom how pathetic I am... make that her grandkids are... that's more likely to get her to come... hehe..

Emily said...

Something's been on my mind on the second picture of this post of yours.

Hey! I tot we were not supposed to put hot food into plastic! PP 5 can ah?

Whats PP2 about? I noticed PP2 on my white plastic medicine bottles! Can I use them for sauce bottles?