Friday, November 07, 2008

TGIF again!

I wanted to break this lethagicness that I had forever. Lazy to go to the gym, lazy for bento, lazy to do cross-stitch, weary about the stock market... Told Emily I'll break the cycle this week.

Came Monday, I packed a salad and had 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast. Healthy start, right? I even had wholewheat bread for snacking. Went to the gym for the spinning class after work but ... very paiseh... I almost fainted when the class was over that I had to sit down on the floor. Obviously, after that I had to rest and that's what I did for the past few days.... ^_*

Came Tuesday, lazy to pack anything... but as I am naturally a blessed person, Twister came with some mashed potato salad thinking that I can have with my bento. The bee hoon was from Fiona's bento and a client came by with yam cake!!!

Speaking of being blessed... did I mentioned that I got the 3rd prize from Snazzynsuch, Tini's giveaway. I received it last week and I haven't even thank Tini, yet. Tini... here's a big hug from me!!! Thank you very much! Someone else I know got the 2nd prize!! How lucky were we?

Remember I mentioned that I was busy playing the text twister game from DIGI a while ago... I had a surprise when Digi called and asked for my IC no. "Why do you want my IC no? I did not switch from Maxis." Talked about being paranoid. But shouldn't she explained first before asking for my IC no. LOL!!! Anyway, I won the consolation prize and it arrived by courier yesterday. 2 movies tickets and a RM50 cash voucher from Parkson. Someone else I know also won a consolation prize, we were playing the game together trying to beat each other's scores... See, not only am I blessed, people around me are also blessed!!! ^_*

But the best of all is when you received something and don't know who they are from....

I try to refrain myself from jumping up and down. Seriously, I don't know why I want these for. They are too kiddie for me... I tried calling my sister but she was busy and said she will call me back.

Then it just occur to me... they are not for me. I am just the courier service to Singapore. Must be lah!!! LOL!!!!!


Our Story said...

I think they're for me. I hv a bag of stuff for ur sister too. u'll be our middleman. :)


Emily said...

Start afresh TODAY! take a walk in the grounds of your apartment complex! after parking your car upon reaching home! two rounds or three (I hope yours is a safe environment!)

When Monday comes around - start yr gym attendance again - 30mins walking oso good enuf lah - if you can add 10mins spinning - lagi bagus! If you did not go to the gym, take a walk upon reaching home lah at the end of the day!

Wah, you truly no need to pack food from home - the food appear on their own!

Received my 2nd prize from Tini oledi!

Biblo said...

Hi YL.. yup, Sharon called after I posted and indeed they are yours. But at least I was happily excited for a few hours... she has yet to send another package.

Emily, my head is currently full of figures... trying to finish some accounts. But I'll try to go to the gym today. Giddy or not.

Paul Lionel said...

Wendy you lucky girl!

3lilangels said...

Yeah lah. Some people do have all the luck... such as yourself.

Sorry for getting your hopes up with regards to the package. I do have something for you though. *_*