Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bento # 35

This was from last week. Edamame, carrot in star shape and a failed shaped boiled egg. Did not take a pic of the bottom tier as it has another failed shaped boiled egg, leftovers from the cut out star carrot and some edamame... so now you know why I did not post this earlier. ^_* Don't know why the boiled eggs were so soft. Did not boil long enough or was the egg too fresh?


Emily said...

Was at Carrefour this evening and still no sign of edamame!

Did you have any dressing with the getup?

Biblo said...

nope, no dressing... but of course that's not all I eat.

LOL! You still have not bought your edamame? If you need any help, just give 3lilangels a little holler. I am good in offering other people's services.