Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bento # 36

Mum and SIL came home from KL on Monday and brought some packages back for me from my 'lil sis. She even marked out 'for lunch' and 'for snack' on the packages.... LOL!!! So I got a fresh batch of the tofu pouch and kimchee, etc... Got another couple more bento box, egg mould and a sunflower silicon cup. Thanks very much 'lil sis, here's a big hug from me.

So, I made Inari, cut some peppers and tomatoes for salad(more than shown above) and the edamame in my new silicon cup. That was on Tuesday.

Seeing no updates from me, my 'lil sis actually gave me a morning call yesterday to wake me up and make my bento.... HAHAHAHA!!! Luckily she called, I was going to snooze some more. I did froze some of the rice I cooked on Tuesday and made Onigiri (rice ball). I think I must have done something wrong, I just took them out from the freezer and put them in my box. Came lunch time they were not frozen but very cold and they tasted absolutely yukky!! Blah!! Just one bite and I close the lid.

Luckily I also grab a frozen pack of Black Bean Chicken soup that mum cooked and froze for me a couple of weeks ago. I put it in my small slow cooker to heat it up... ^_*

Moral of the story ................. - always have a backup!


Emily said...

wah, got slow cooker even!

backup and options are always good!

I got a pack of the tofu pouch from 100yen. gonna make something on saturday.

3lilangels said...

Glad you like the things I got ya.

You gotta microwave the onigiri in the morn. Cover with wet towel so don't dry out.

You must be glad to have mom back to cook for ya. ;)

Emily said...

btw how do I use the tofu pouches? Do I need to blanched them in hot water first?

Biblo said...

Emily, I just rinse them to take away some of the sweetness and fill them with the rice or other fillings.