Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Guess what? I have just got approved by payperpost. I am looking to earn extra money for online shopping. It’s great for someone I know or anyone who is an online shopholic. But seriously who doesn’t want to earn extra money if they can?

I got to know about payperpost from Tini. Thanks, Tini!! I hope you’ll get your referral fee. ^_*

So, what is this payperpost all about? Advertising in a word. They will check out your blog and then approve it if it meets all their criteria. Once your blog is approved then you’ll get to write sponsored post. You can read all about it at

I have to admit I am not altogether sure of what I am doing. Hopefully, I’ll learn more as I go. What I did was to register for a paypal account as PPP pay thru paypal and then went to register at PPP. After that, I submitted my blog for approval. I did not get approved immediately as some requirements were not met. I resubmitted after a while and finally got approved.

By the way, you will even be paid when you refer someone to payperpost. So, if you are thinking of earning some extra $$$$ please click the image below and follow the instructions. You can leave a message here if you need any help signing up. Have fun!!

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Tini said...

welcome wendy... :)
don't forget to put the PPP batch at your sidebar.. that way if anyone want to join, they can just click it here... and you'll get the referral fee.. :)