Thursday, June 05, 2008

100 items!!!

My sister and I went shopping at Daiso in Singapore on Monday, a S$2 shop.... She is into bento lunch box making for her daughter and was buying some of these accesories online, too. Until she came across some bloggers talking about this store in Singapore. Came down all the way from KL to shop to her heart's content... at the same time enabling me. Some of these stuffs are really cute.

Craft wise I got some felts, buttons and crochet hooks... ^_*


Aw said...

ooohh....Wendy, fabulous stash. I want them too...:-0)

Emily said...

Wow alot of stuff for Bento fenzy! And you did rather well for yourself!

Dawn B. said...

Nice stash hall you got. Have fun playing with it all.