Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mail Art from Lody.

This is a personal exchange between Lody and I. I still have not decided what to stitch but Lody has already sent this with some other things together in a package to Margaret. It arrived just in time for our Stitching Bee last Saturday for Margaret to passed to me.

The back
and it actually opened up to this...

Isn't it pretty? It is Lody's own design and 100% hand-sewn! Supposed to be the size just nice for a cheque book. But our cheque books are bigger here. ^_* There are partition inside and I thought of using it for a purse.

Thanks again Lody, now I must go figure what to stitch for you.

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Lillie said...

Beautifully finished too...can never finished like Lody and Margaret.