Monday, January 16, 2006

Still unfinished yet...

thinking of starting new projects. Then was reminded today about the Valentine stitch card exchange and Margaret's 2006 exchange which are due early Feb.

I don't know why, am always very excited to start a new piece and seeing the colours coming together but when it gets to the end expecially the backstitches... really needs a lot of motivation to get it done. Example the Wedding Sampler. I better set a target to finish it by tomorrow. Hopefully I won't start on EMS new Valentine 2006. But the pull is towards the other direction...

At least I got an RR done, will scan it later. Don't have enough socket for the power plug. Have to switch off the modem before I can use the scanner. (Note to self: To get a multi-socket extention)

Not to forget got some more to go on Lene's RR. I better sign off now and start on the Valentine heart... ^_*

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