Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Report Card

This was my biggest project in 2005. Glad Shamrocks by Pamela Kellogg. It was another mystery-stitch-a-long piece finished end of March. I was among the first to finish but because I amended the 2005 with the chinese character 'Spring', I was not qualified to win the first-to-finish prize. But later Pam felt bad about it and offer 2 of us that finished it first but not as designed, half the prize money. Pam really didn't have to do that, it was a pleasure stitching this piece.

Other that this, didn't really have much to list down for my report card.

I did stitch Lizzie Kate's Homework - Only dull women have immaculate homes. My older sister didn't like the saying. She wants a immaculate home and she is not dull! LOL!! But I love this piece....

Other finished mostly small designs for MA's and a 12 person RR which is still on going and a 6 person RR. I did plan to stitch more for myself towards end of 2005 but again I have already succumbed to exchanges. So, I suppose my 2006 report will be mostly exchange pieces....

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