Friday, June 11, 2010

The Internet is Forever

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”                                 

George Bernard Shaw

I got the above quote from Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 22. One thing that I did the past few months was watching a lot of drama such as CSI (Original, New York and Miami),  NCIS(Original and LA), Flash Forward, etc.

This Episode was about a serial killer who used the internet to find his victim on social networking sites. As if I am not paranoid enough about internet security, I have to scare myself silly about what to share on the internet. So, what is my business keeping a blog?

As Special Agent Rossi said:
Rossi: Can somebody explain to me the appeal of these sites? "Eating sushi tonight yum." "Boss is keeping me late tonight grrr." Whose life is so important that we'd be interested in this kind of detail?

That set me thinking… do YOU really want to know what I did yesterday? LOL!!!


Emily said...

and did you catch the movie on HBO - Untraceable? that should also put one off the internet!!

Biblo said...

no, can't say I caught ... Untraceable? Maybe, I should terminate my Maxis broadband since I am not using it much at home and I have the co's internet line at work.

LittleByLittle said...

updated at our twosome blog!

Emily said...

Happy New Year Wendy!