Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little progress...

Well, my room still look like this after a month.

All because of that "bait" thingy for the termites. That's the box between the ladder and plastic bag.
The new aircon is up already. Keeping the fan.
The bathroom made more progess. I did not take new pictures but already using it.
My SIL went to the GH for check-up. Went to use their toilet and guess what? Their tiles are colours exactly like mine... sigh!


Emily said...

Quite spacious your room and the bath!

Biblo said...

Emily, its the master bedroom... ^_* I need to buy furniture!

3lilangels said...

huh! Is that how you've been living??

Same tiles as GH??!! You'd better get some spectacular furniture to make up for that ;)