Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2 - Day 6?

Day 2 was last Wed!!!

I know, my 'lil sis called early this morning to complain already, "Why no updates after Day 1".

It's not my fault you know... I woke up this morning and its Day .... I lost count. Time flies nowadays.

ok, if I remember correctly there were a lot of commotion on Day 2. The management send the termite people to come look at my room since they heard got termite but they knew that for a couple of years already! Anyway, to cut the story short, we cannot clear the parquet because they want to set the 'bait' and it will take 6 - 8 weeks for it to work. Sigh!

We went ahead with the bathroom... did not take pictures, sorry.

The next few days gone like a blurr. Probably because have to wake up really early, not enough sleep? Will try to snap a photo of the work in the bathroom later.
a little note to self...

you have already eaten, don't go to people's blog and complain why never bring for you to makan...


3lilangels said...

So you can't stay in your room for the next 2 months?

Post your pic already! Am looking forward to your walk-in wardrobe. *turning green with envy*

3lilangels said...

Those cupcakes are really cute. Girlet would love the Hello Kitty ones. So what's the story? Why write so mysteriously?

Biblo said...

My dear sis, if you follow the link to "people's blog" you might find the answer. LOL!!