Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About bentos that I have not posted

I have been lazy... these bentos were from previous weeks. I'll still number them, not necessary in the right order.

Bento # 40
Chicken drumstick, broco flower, carrot, mini corn and sweet pea
Bento # 41
Carrot, broco flower, mini corn, sweet peas and capsicum
Bento # 42
same ingredients again except got extra 'green ku kuih'

Bento # 43
Fried rice, carrot and chicken

Bento # 44
Top: Sauteed mock duck with capcicum and onions on a bed of lettuce
Bottom: More lettuce, onions and tomato


Emily said...

You did well!

3lilangels said...

You finally posted them! I know exactly when you made them cos we bought the things together!

3lilangels said...

I forgot to say that they are very beautiful and colourful. Good job!!

Emily said...

That green brocoli is awesome... tasted some when DH's relative was trying to grow them years back.

Hey! did you share the colorful veg with Fiona..? Please say 'hi' for me!

twister said...

Happy 牛 year to dear fren.

h2m said...

you were not lazy la..... just that you were very busy with TGOL ....LOL

Happy CNY ....

Biblo said...

Happy CNY to you too, my dear friends...


Paul Lionel said...


Haven't fixed up a bento in a long time!!!

Biblo said...

Paul, are you talking about me or yourself? LOL!!!

Yes, I haven't been up to much bento-ing either.