Sunday, April 20, 2008

MA from Radha

Found this on my table when I got home in the evening. Thanks Radha. I really did not expect this and it is far from "less than perfect". The finishing is not disastrous. And I am glad you decided to post it out instead of keeping it. I suppose one is always more critical of ones work. Most importantly is that I love it!
One thing I didn't like though, is that the postal clerk got the postmark right smack in the middle of the stamp. Its like they are afraid they will dirtied the 'envelope'. But I would rather see the stamp.... ^_*

Was wondering where my post went to as I had posted this very early this morning..... Found it in the drafts.


Lillie said...

For a first, she did wonderfully well. Its so pretty

Emily said...

Mailart is great to look at.... from a distance!

Doc has always been very modest! Its rather well done and looks wonderful!