Friday, July 21, 2006

MYS 2006 exchange - Needlebook.

I never knew if this needlebook reached its receipant safely.. Checked the PO tracker, it only says arrived at the Subang Jaya post office.

I'll post here anyway, since I have nothing better to post about. Yes, Harsha. I did not forget about my blog. I was just not in the zone. If I am using the phrase correctly, LOL!!

Sylvie, I am glad you like your RR. I enjoyed stitching on it. I hope Angie is not having too difficult a time stitching on mine. Incidentally, this needlebook is for another Angie!


Sylvie said...

That's a lovely needlebook. Congratulations!

~Harsha~ said...

lovely! I hope its not lost in the journey...